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technique - - - Isolation 2
Try more isolation patterns. The isolation will help express the immobility or the mimetic imitation.

More complex isolation patterns

body separates in 5 parts

Body separates in 5 segments. Head-Neck-Chest-Abdomen-Hip. (The characters in the figure is Kanji(Chinese characters) that means each body segments respectively).

- -

inclination (side)
Inclination to the side. Be careful to move only one segment in one time. The body segments should be moved separately from other parts.

Inclination to the front. Move carefully, concentrate to the segment you are moving now.

Incline backward. The change is slight. Do not force to bend your body too much.

Here is a 'twist' isolation pattern. Of course, twist one segment in one time. Be careful not to lean your body.

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