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technique - - - Basic tehnique of pantomime/mime
This section handles basic technique of mime, from standing neutrally to walking.
This section is also written in Japanese. However, some images and animations may be helpful (even to non-Japanese speaking people). So, I compiled the summarized version of 'technique' section like below:

- First of all -
First, you must imagine what you are handling. Imagine, feel, the object you are manipulating.
In mime, no visible objects are on your stage. The audience can't see what you are handling. It is you who first sence the object you are manipulating. And the belief will lead the audience to view your object.

Always, you must remember:
It is your imagination that realize the object that's not visible on the stage.

Always remind this while you read/try the following links.

- Basic Body Usage -

> Stand Still

> Isolation 1

> Isolation 2

- Basic Technique of Illusion -

> Illusion 1 - The Wall
The Wall. Fixing your body (or segment of your body).

> Illusion 2 - Pressure/Profile walking.
Pressure/Profile walking. Illusory Movement.

> Illusion 3 - Balloon/Robot
Balloon/Robot. Mimetic imitation.

You can also find the know-how from several books. Look for them at online book store.

> Japanese 'technique' section

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