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Welcome to my pantomime/mime site!

First, I must tell you that this site is mainly written, maintained, updated in Japanese.

The page you are watching now is the poorly translated and shrinked version of 'pantomime/mime page' for Japanese-speaking people. But some of the graohics and animations may help you somehow.

  • [about]
    includes articles handling general information of pantomime/mime. (Japanese only)

  • [resource]
    list of WWW pages, books. (Japanese only)

  • > technique -

    technique(illusions) of pantomime/mime, including some images and animations. (English available)

  • [etc]
    play, class & workshop info, BBS, but the info is limited in Japan. (Japanese only)

    and, if you have any comments on those page, or if you find anything wrong with my English, don't hesitate to contact me at Mailkaol[AT]of ficeww.com

    hope you enjoy this site,
    - nagatomo kaol.

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