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About - - - About pantomime/mime.

This section includes articles on pantomime/mime.
Most of them handle generic topics like 'the definition of pantomime/mime', 'history of pantomime', 'Commedia dell'Arte', 'pantomime in Asia and Japan', and so on.

The pages in 'about' section will not be translated to English. However, you can find similar English contents in the WWW:

> http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/1723/
Bauman Theatre Forums.
Including an article on big four french mime, Decroux, Barrault, Marceau, and Lecoq.

> http://www.whispers.demon.co.uk/panto/story/index.htm
"Pantomime Story" section that deals with the definition of 'pantomime', pantomime history, etc. (But the "pantomime" here is a kind of harlequinade, not alike so-called "Corporeal Mime").

> http://www.yahoo.com/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theater/Commedia_Dell_Arte/
Yahoo! Commedia dell'Arte page. If you have interests in Commedia dell'Arte, follow the links in the page.

> Japanese 'about' section

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