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Immobility is a method for expression of objects by fixing the body segment(s) to the space. This will help express the stability of objects.
The most famous pantomime technique - the wall - is good adaptation of the immobility.

The Wall

Basic Hand Usage:
hand(1) - hand(2) - hand(3)

Take away the strength from your hand. Push your hand to the wall like a sucker.

And don't forget to 'feel' the wall. The most important thing is to see and to feel it.
What is the color of the wall? What is the wall made of?

wall(standing position)

Standing against the wall. Is the wall flat and vertical?
Try touching anywhere on the wall.

move, with the hands fixed move, with the hands fixed

Move, with your hand fixed to the wall. The wall doesn't move so your hands should not move.
First time you should move slightly. You can move broadly by adapting the isolation body usage.

The image you are touching the wall is quite important. Don't think to fix your hands. Think your hands are supported by the wall. Perhaps it sounds a bit odd, but that way of thinking will make your performance absolutely better.

- -

Next to the wall, try touching table.

table(or desk) table(or desk) Always think of what kind of table you are touching now.
The height, the material, etc.

Then, try moving with your hands fixed on the table.

Again, don't think to fix, but your hands are supported by the table.
move, with the hands fixed on the table(or desk) move, with the hands fixed on the table(or desk)

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